What’s F of M?

Fountain of Media was born out of the digital revolution in Denver. With steeped knowledge in branding, product design and animation, Alex Fountain (President) started to take on new skill sets for the future of “creation.” complex CAD design and 3D Printing have now become old hat to this meastro of manifestation. While product design is the day to day, he now oversees the digital content and website themes for the GGFamily of brands and also has freelance animation and projects flowing throughout the year. His professionalism, work ethic, and attention to detail have been used by Starbucks, Honda/Acura, Grimey Gatsby, Under Armour, Ecko, Samsung, ABISEE, Balloon Innovations, and more.

Fountain of Media is headquartered in Denver, Colorado and is working diligently on the tasks at hand.  You are able to reach Alex and Fountain of Media through social media, email, and Grimey Gatsby. Making “what’s next” is his specialty and you could be the next viral sensation…


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