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Here is the latest in the series of animation video instruction manuals put together by Fountain of Media.  These products are used throughout the country. You can check them out at Balloon Innovations

Enjoy Your Balloon Bobber!

With a 20 minute ride from Frisco to Breckenridge, CO and the help of some energetic strangers Fountain of Media brings you a “Harlem Shake” video….Free Transit Style

Saturday February 23, 2013. Editing done by Fountain of Media. Video footage credit TBD.


Here is a quick glimpse into a day inside the creation station with Fountain of Media and Balloon Innovations
(creation station ref John hunt TM)


Congo Sanchez & Grimey Gatsby team up to cover the Spring Break for SXSW Tour 2013 and Fountain of Media is behind the designs.



The Denver 2013 SIA Snow Show was this past weekend.  Fountain of Media, Grimey Gatsby, and KBS Photography were there to show you what you missed.

Check out more coverage at the one and only

Fountain of Media put together this short intro and video for one of the nations largest concrete company, Oldcastle Precast.

Thanks to TwoOneEight studio for making it happen.

Thanks to InkMonstr for letting Grimey Gatsby and Fountain of Media bring you up close and personal with  Redman – Rome of Sublime & Naughty by Nature!

Check out the rest here.